Cerberus is a complete, end to end, site management tool which empowers your operations team with a structured mechanism to track assets and manage expenditure.

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    Monitor your requisitions, receive notifications on progress, track tasks and feed progress back to the office. All from the Foreman app.

    Track Tasks and alerts and get a big-picture view of where your build is, or what the status of ongoing maintenance is looking like.


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    Phoning stores to request tools, material, plant and vehicles can be stressful. Repeating yourself in noisy environments and miscommunications add fuel to the fire. Navigate the Foreman app and pick exactly what you need. Stores can then pick, pack and deliver or arrange for collection. You get notifications all the way through.

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    Cerberus allows you to view a cross section of the build process at a glance. It's information at your fingertips all the way through. Whether its knowing completion state, or whether its working out where a particular tool is.

    Develop a mental map of the project from feedback supplied by field operators.

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We've listened and built a tool hand-in-hand with contractors in the telecommuncations, construction, motor manufacturing and energy sectors that facilitates communication and information management of new builds and maintenance projects.

By leveraging off of cloud technologies and the proliferation of mobile broadband communications, your team is able to allocate tasks, process tool, plant, vehicle and material requsitions, track job progress and so much more.


Want to know, progress of a project? Materials used? Supporting pictures of site work? Cerberus aggregates GPS data from images and ties positioning information back to a site progress catalog.

Wire Cerberus up to your SCADA system so Tasks and alerts are generated and delivered automatically.

Forward planning is a key strategic requirement in almost every organisation. Setup scheduled and recurring Tasks for maintenance operations.

Price your BOM's and manage the supply chain. If you're running an ERP that needs to be fed, we'll bring in and work with the necessary SAP, Sage, MS Dynamics, etc specialists.

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"It can all be found in Cerberus. One place, right answer."


Your operations team are empowered with tooling which enables them to make requests against items your stores is able to supply. They can view product specifications and feedback parameters to the office. They can requisition Bill of Material items, plant, machinery, vehicles and tools graphically, reducing language, jargon and other communication errors.

Cerberus integrates with barcode scanning technology. It allows you to label your assets and check them out and back in again. Develop an audit trail and generate a responsible culture of accountability.

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"Visually locate parts, plant, vehicles and tools to minimize miscommunication"




Create a database of sites and manage completion and reinstatement progress. Define your own Phases and have your mobile operations team feed progress to live dashboards in your office. They can use their tablets and smartphones. No need for expensive specialised hardware.



By checking assets out to specific people, it makes it easy to identify where those assets are and who has them. Create and maintain a culture of accountability and geolocate assets.




Cerberus generates colour coded task lists based on progress, delivery date and priority parameters. Overdue tasks are easy to spot and early warnings can be quickly identified and actioned. It makes working within the parameters of contracts such as NEC3 a breeze!



As long as you have access to the internet, you have access to Cerberus. Use your WiFi, ADSL, 3G or other broadband technology. We leverage off of big name providers in the cloud space and guarantee 99.99% uptime.

Works on any platform!


SCADA Integration

We integrate Cerberus into your SCADA system so that maintenance Tasks are automatically generated, assigned and prioritised.


Document Manager

Cerberus has a built in document manager. Use it to store specifications, Phase data such as reticulation plans, satellite images, engineer sign-offs and pretty much anything else.



Cerberus automatically catalogs picture uploads and relates them to phase completion. If you have drones which fly over multiple sites a day, Cerberus will grab that positioning data and dynamically allocate pictures to Sites. You just dump the pictures.



Create adhoc or recurring and scheduled tasks. Checklists inside of Tasks and track progress.

Allocate Tasks to Phases. Assign severity and priority. Provide GPS co-ordinates where Tasks are to be performed.

Attach documents such as installation manuals, plans and specifications.



Clever dashboards make getting a big picture view of whats happening on the ground easy. No need to sift through data from disparate systems, or even worse paper!

Cerberus will also generate Gantt charts dynamically from Task data.



SMS Alerts

Not everyone has an app open on their computer, tablet or phone. But certainly, everyone recieves SMS's. Cerberus integrates with mobile providers to ensure notifications are delivered to devices for people who are highly mobile.



Whether you're a small scale electrician or plumber, or whether you're a large multinational, the site management principals are the same. Small organisations often don't have the means to implement systems. Large organisations often let policy and procedure trip them up. Cerberus supports you at every stage. We can customize Cerberus around your business.



Use Cerberus to support your Quality Management System. It makes your ISO9001 audits easier. And if you aren't ISO9001 accreditted, it makes the road to getting there that much simpler.


Cerberus is designed for highly mobile individuals. We know and understand that your foremen and supervisors are constantly on the go; Your stores people are often walking through the distribution centre; and your administrative staff are collaborating.

With all this in mind, we leverage off of SMS technology to deliver instant notifications for key activities, such as when tasks are assigned, SCADA and HVAC systems generate outputs, requisitions are packed for delivery or vehicles are dispatched for site. Cerberus automates your workflow and makes communication simple.

Further to all this, the app is responsive. It scales to whatever device you're working on. Whether its a PC, tablet or mobile phone.Browsers


At Your Office...

Issue tasks such as health and safety inductions or wage register collection to your foremen. Approve material requisitions which come from site. Track your plant, vehicles, tools and other assets. View a graphical timeline of site progress along with pictures.

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Create material, tool, plant and vehicle requisitions. Recieve notifications. Complete tasks. Take pictures of the work completed daily, weekly or monthly. Feedback instantaneous data to the office to support snap decisions.

Take pictures of the build or maintenance activites and catalog them. Everything is in the cloud.

Integrate with access control and time and attendance to view who is on site at any time and generate payroll exports to systems such as Sage VIP.

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